Things You Must Know About Dumpster Rental

Ignoring the unwritten laws about dumpster rental will save you from a lot of trouble. We’re talking about penalties and extra charges.  There are pitfalls in dumpster services that you can avoid by working with experienced contractors.  While there are companies that will reveal these rules for you out front, some won’t. It’s important that you do your own research or ask the service contractor about them directly.  By doing things right, you’re sure that everybody’s safe. 

Here are some of the things that are not allowed by the companies that provide Baltimore dumpster rentals. Be sure that you follow these things, so you won’t have to go through any inconveniences during the project.  

What Not to Do  

Dumpster rental companies will decline to retrieve the bin if there’s debris over the top and hanging on the walls. They do this for safety reasons. If the dumpster you rented is fully loaded, then it will be hard to safely remove it. As such the client will be charged anything between $85 and $150 for the trip. They do it because they are covering for whatever possibility may happen during the retrieval. Each day that the container is overfilled, you will be charged a leasing fee of $5 to $20 per day. The solution for this is to keep that bin from overfilling. The dumpster must be picked up at the right time. 

But you should note that they won’t pick it up if the trash is higher than the board’s height. It is not safe to haul the dumpster that way because the roll-offs may get damaged and the driver is at risk. The trash may tear up the tarp and make it unusable. Replacing the tarp will cost you as much as $700. 

Why You Need to Follow the Rules 

Also, the trash may shift, and fall down the road. That’s a hazard created for other motorists. For that reason, the highway patrol imposes big penalties for dumpsters ad containers that are overflowing. These fees will be passed on to you, the client. Following the rules, is for the good of everybody. 

Make sure that your dumpster is not filled so you won’t have to worry about extra charges. Don’t let the contractors overload it either. That means you also must make sure that the contractors follow the rules as well. 

What Not to Put in a Dumpster  

Hazardous materials include batteries, tires, chemicals, fuels, paint, oil, and lubricants. You also can put radioactive and volatile waste in a dumpster including electronic devices and appliances like television and refrigerators. If you are thinking of disposing of these products, then you must find another way other than putting it in a dumpster. 

If those objects were found at the landfill as they dump your garbage, then you will be charged by the dumpster company for every item that was in violation. Aside from hazardous materials, dumpster rental companies also don’t allow dirt, rock, concrete, and other similar materials in the bin. Be sure to ask your questions about the items that you can’t dispose of in a dumpster straight from the rental company.  


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